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Urban Gardening

In this series of webinars we wanted to show that living with plants is not so scary as it seems ;)

We invited experienced urban jungle experts to guide you in this green adventure. We cover the topic of urban gardening from different angles so you can also grow in new skills.

  1. Introduction to Urban Gardening

Spending more time at home can be a good excuse to create your garden! In this webinar we cover the basic principles in case you would like to set up a vegetable garden at your place in an urban context.

Run by Angela and Luís

2. Growing edible flowers, and medicinal and culinary herb plants

In this webinar, we would like to inspire you to grow and use herbs and edible flowers in your everyday living. We will provide you knowledge about their characteristics and needs.

Run by Luís

3. Plants for a busy lifestyle

If you want to green your flat and make it cozier but you are busy or don’t like to spend much time taking care of the plants, check this webinar. We will provide you with useful tips on which plants to choose and how to keep them alive and healthy 😊

Run by Terka

4. Urban vegetable garden

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn basic information on some vegetable plants to successfully start a vegetable garden, where you will have fresh food from garden to table. Mainly we will focus on growing in containers, but we will also touch on the basics of how to grow vegetables directly in the earth.

Run by Angela

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