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Knihobot - a place for book lovers

Zaktualizowano: 13 sie 2021

Knihobot is the largest online second-hand store in the Czech Republic. It functions as an e-shop and a service that helps people circulate books from one to another. Firstly, it takes care of the whole process of selling books for those who don't need them anymore. In the same time, it publishes these books on where one can buy "new" additions to their home library. Following this process, Knihobot found new readers for almost half a million books already.

Join Andreea Stefanescu, member of Urban Creatives team in an insightful talk with Kristýna Hladiková to learn more about Knihobot journey and future plans.

Kristýna is taking care of Knihobot's marketing and communication. She is also involved in the product and project as the whole. She fell in love with the project 3 years ago and is part of it since February 2021. Enjoy :)

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