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Extra virgin olive oil for health & beauty

Health and beauty are more connected than we think, that is the reason why we should choose the quality

More and more body products have olives as an ingredient, and the reason is that this small fruit has excellent properties for our health and skin.

“How can health and beauty be connected?”

We know that fruits, vegetables, fish, meat give us nutritional benefits, and we all pay attention to what we buy and how to preserve them. Because we all know, that food can get broken.

Unfortunately, there is not the same attention to the olives and their juice, which means extra virgin olive oil.

We call it "green gold" because of its value to our health.

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil

Did you know that cooking with extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest thing you can do?

Thanks to its perfectly balanced composition, it guarantees a beneficial effect on the body. The high quantity of antioxidants and vitamin E are preserving from oxidation during the cooking process*.

How to recognize a good extra virgin olive oil?

• No plastic bottles, even if dark

• No transparent bottles

• Info to be found on the label:

• 1 - Harvest year

• 2 - Origin of the olives

• 3 - Name of the olives

• 4 - Producer's address, phone number, website

• Price: do not trust of low priced extra virgin olive oils - it may not be real extra virgin olive oil

What do we mean by "not real"?

This means refined, treated. Mostly chemically. The more you "treat" it, the more it loses its beneficial properties and the polyphenols, so all the safety to cook with.

There are only 2 ways to extract the oil:

1 - squeezing: applicable only to oily seeds or fruits, like olives and peanuts

2- chemically: for dry seeds. It is followed by the refining process, which removes the bad taste, the unpleasant smell, and the precious antioxidants.

*Antioxidants are extremely important to keep the oil stable to the heat, giving in this way the safety to cook with.

It is also very important the way we store it, to preserve it at best. You have to keep in mind few things.

The 4 enemies of the extra virgin olive oil:

1- Light: that is why good oil is sold in cans or in dark, thick bottles

2- Heat: reason why you should store it far from stove and oven

3- Cold: never store it in the fridge or in the balcony

4- Air: it will allow oxidation

Extra virgin olive oil for your beauty

How can we use green gold for our beauty?

- For hair: use some extra virgin olive oil for the length before washing them

- For the skin: with salt for a scrub, against skin itching, to soften the nails and cuticles

- For massages

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