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We have reached the “end” of the 5R pyramid aka “rot.” In this article, we'll talk about

composting possibilities offered by the city of Prague. 

Where and how can you compost in Prague? 

Option 1. The brown trash bin

Prague supports composting and you can easily ask the Prague Services (Pražské služby)

for a brown trash bin. The brown trash bin can be ordered by anyone, who has a permanent

residence in Prague, no matter if you're a property owner, a tenant, or a housing association.

The cost is rather cheap, starting at 56 CZK for waste collection once every two weeks. It works on the same principle as the regular black bin for mixed waste - the trash bin is placed on the building's premises, and it’s emptied regularly by the waste collection car (the frequency is chosen by you).


Option 2. Community composters

Community composting is an activity that connects people passionate about eco-friendly

living, gardening, reusing, and creating. This practice lies somewhere between home and

public composting. It is a great way of organic waste disposal for people who live in flats,

with no garden. The participants share the costs of the composter bin and its maintenance

and have free access to compost for their own use. Every compost has its “administrator” -

a person who is in charge of the compost bin, as well as of the participants. There are quite

many community composters in Prague. You can check out if there's one nearby on this


Some of them have the administrator's contact, so you can try to get in touch with him/her

and see if you can join the community. 

What can be put into the compost?

If one of the above-mentioned options works for you and you’re ready to start composting,

the question is, what can you put into the compost?

When I was creating this infographic, I found different information about hairs (animal and

human) and paper tissues. The Prague Services; website says that you shouldn't put neither

of those in the brown bin, but other services and community composters websites say that

you can. I'll leave it up to you. :-) Otherwise, it’s pretty clear.

If you want to learn about home composting, check out this article with Tips&Tricks or Bokashi method explained.

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