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Nutrition and well-being

We love good food! But also we care about its quality, its history, and heritage. We want to share our knowledge about a tasty and balanced diet, our favorite meals, and some spicy recipes.

Join our networking sessions to share your approach toward food and eating habits! 

If you are a foodie, just like us, then check our blogpost section. We will update brief information here as well.

In this article, you can learn how to protect your eyes while working on the computer.


Find out how to easily reduce negative consequences of sitting job.


Mindset, communication, emotions. Life-coaching course

A powerful experience aimed to transform participants’ lives.

Mindset. life-coaching session.png

Improve your life with life-coaching webinars where you will learn how to reach your goals and find internal peace.

In this article you will find out which are the most beneficial movements for humans and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

Copy of The real one.jpg

We start our healthy nutrition stories with an introduction to the Mediterranean diet. Why is it so valuable? What tips you can start implementing in your daily routine?  

Pier Morza Śródziemnego

Olive oil facts and myths 

Live cooking session - with Italian chef amateur

Host: Chiara Gregoraci

Food temptations p. 2 Aphrodisiacs - online cooking

Hosts: Chiara Gregoraci, Natalia Szelachowska


What are they and why are they so important?

Learn about natural sources and how to enrich your diet so it's full in vitamins.

Drzewo cytrynowe

Spring antipasti: Pinzimonio

Online community cooking session to discover the spring menu.

Hosts: Chiara Gregoraci

Find Balance in Your Diet

Online nutrition session. 

How to balance your diet?
How to start planning the diet?

Host: Natalia Szelachowska

Picnic menu: Asparagus, eggs & truffles - online cooking

Hosts: Chiara Gregoraci

Food temptations:


Online session on healhy nutrition

Host: Natalia Szelachowska

How to prepare our skin to the tan?

Some tips from the Mediterranean expert

Opalanie się

Grilled Watermelon salad

Hosts: Chiara Gregoraci

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