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Less Waste Quiz

1. Is recyclable the same with recycled?
2. Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials and recycling aluminum saves about 90% of the energy it takes to make new aluminum. So how long does it take to recycle 1 used aluminum can and end up back on the shelf as part of a new one?
3. How can you reduce your waste while flying?
4. Plastic bags were first introduced in 1982. Since then the number of plastic bags used has grown exponentially. 160,000 plastic bags are consumed around the world every second which adds up to 1 trillion plastic bags being used every year.
5. Czechia generated 37 million tonnes total waste generated in 2015. In your view which type of waste is number one in the total waste composition?
6. Many biodiverse regions, from the Pantanal to Borneo, are threatened by human encroachment and the expansion of agriculture. At EU-27 level, citizens waste is 76 kg of edible food per capita a year. The lowest value registered was observed in:
7. One tonne of recycled newsprint saves 601,000 W of energy, 270 liters of oil, 27 kilograms of air pollutants from being released, 26,497 liters of water, and 3.5 cubic meters of landfill space.

Thank you for caring about our planet!

For useful tips on how to diminish your waste in the Czech Republic, check out our articles in the "Reduce waste" section . 

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