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About us

Youth Included is a non-profit organization, managed by a team of academics, youth workers, and experts in the field of youth work, intercultural cooperation, and diversity promotion.

Among the main aims of “Youth Included” is a contribution to the positive social changes in the society by promoting intercultural dialogue, facilitating understanding among people, and the establishment of harmonic co-existence.

Our organization is working with young people as we do believe that the youth is the key to the building of the future generations, therefore we have to put all the efforts to give them the tools for education, raise their awareness in regards to the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination, show them the diversity of the World and point out the positive effects of intercultural interactions.



Natalia Szelachowska - project manager within YI team, developer of UC project

I have experience in running projects with local communities. I like to work in a multicultural environment and learn from others. By education, I'm a nutritionist and a cultural animator... which also happen to be my great passion - I'm a huge foodie and I can't resist my observation sense snd thinking about how to make the world a more interesting place. 

Working with people is my engine and source of inspiration. For my projects, I reach out to use various. techniques and methods: photography, ethnographic research, performance, design thinking, storytelling, creative writing, digital tools, etc. Water is my element so I like when the project flows.

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Chiara Gregoraci – she runs an (online) community cooking class and she brings closer the topic of the Mediterranean diet. 

(By education interpreter) I'm a tour leader and swimming teacher, I love working with people in a multicultural environment. I made of my passions my job and work now on the promotion of the historical, artistic, natural & gastronomic heritage of Abruzzo starting from the products of the earth, that most feature this area of Italy. I consider languages and food as bridges for understanding new cultures. I always try to find a healthy connection with work and lifestyle, giving time to listening to music, reading, creating with food and with natural materials. Owner of Tesori d'Abruzzo sro.

Andreea Stefanescu - content creator and communicator.

I am an entrepreneurial mind and financial management expert passionate about community development, waste management, and social responsibility. Traveling and getting to experience local life and interact with the local communities represent a great inspiration for me. I like to learn about the particularities of the area they live in, such as crafts, customs, food, and how their establishment came to existence.

At Urban Creatives I enjoy connecting people, bringing ideas, and implementing projects. My first project consists of a map of sustainable shopping options for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

So here I am, transitioning to a sustainable life myself and creating ways to make it fun and accessible for you to do the same. I believe that people are amazing and that together we can do great things :-)

Tereza Dohnalová - journalist in the Less waste section. 

Former manager of a sustainable store & education center Minimum Waste in Prague. As a "greenfluencer", she shows people how to live sustainably on her Instagram profile @tereza_teresita and her blog

Marta Kurzeja - journalist and physiotherapist.

I live in Prague since 2017 and I’m from Poland. I obtained my master's degree in physiotherapy which I studied in Poland and in the Czech Republic through the Erasmus programme. I have experience mostly in physiotherapy, I used to work in a psychosomatic center and children’s neurological center. My main interests are graphic design, science, ecology, and IT.

 I would like to raise awareness among young adults, how important for a human it is to connect with nature and to perceive and understand our body. I write articles where I share some knowledge regarding physiotherapy, autotherapy, and psychosomatics. 

Sam Hopkins - environmentalist and journalist.

I am an American living in Prague since 2019. In university I studied Environmental Science and Resource Management, where I found passion in subjects such as ecology, conservation, and sustainability. I have always loved living in cities and am constantly looking for ways to introduce these concepts into city life.

Luis Alfonso Reyes Aldaco - Life and business Coach. Human rights specialist lawyer.

I am originally from Mexico, but I moved to Prague in 2018 to study for my master’s degree at Charles University. I also attended a certification at ICC Consulting to train myself as a coach and did my master’s with Newfield Network. I give 1-on-1 life coaching sessions in English and Spanish and courses where I teach communicational and emotional skills. My goal is to share my knowledge and help people to find themselves and improve their well-being.

Emma Olson - I am from the United States but I am interning virtually with Urban Creatives this summer. I am a Civil Engineer major minoring in Sustainability Studies and Humanitarian Engineering, therefore I am very excited to explore the possibilities with sustainability and humanitarian work throughout this summer. I have always been passionate about protecting the environment and developing a sense of community in society. I plan to research and write about sustainable fashion in Prague in addition to other topics. 

What we do?

We run both local and global projects.

We involve in various important matters, which shape our society.

We empower people.

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